"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

April 28, 2012

planting and gardening

The two best things in my life were taught to me by my nanny and poppy and that is horses and gardening!  That's right those are my favourite things!! Well other than my home and family but yea ya know.  So here are some of my favourite things that need to be in a garden and some beautiful gardens that are online and in my photo albums!

So let us start with some basics of what one should consider before starting or replanting a garden.  Yea yea I know "we all know this already! get to your likes!" Wellll NO! You must read on, or of course scroll down!  Meh do what you want! I shall continue.

So let us start with size! Yes ladies size is important! ;D  The size of your garden can range from a couple small containers to half an acre or more.  Just remember that the larger it gets the more work you have to do, so consider how much time each week you have to dedicate to you garden.

We also need to consider location.  The location determines plant varieties, watering schedules, children and pets, and also the amount of work needed depending on said varieties.  So you more or less have 3 choices for location full sun, part sun, full shade! easy!

Finally we get to plants.  So you need to make decisions on what kind of plants you want.  You can go veggies, flowers, or shurbeery!

Now let me show you some of my favourites!!!

Sunflowers, dahlias, lilacs, lavender, snowdrops, hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, cosmos, gerber daisies, peony, sweet williams, roses, lilies


Need some better ideas than what I have here for flowers? Try online, your local gardening store or here!

Remember no matter how daunting a garden may seem or may get you will win!! it is nothing more than a flesh wound!

I will another post up soon with my favourite garden plans and installations and hopefully some pictures of my gardens at home!

           Happy gardening!!

April 18, 2012

Happy Birthdays!!


First off I would like to say happy birthday to my poppy and blessings and fond thoughts to my aunt, and an early birthday wish to my uncle!  

My families happen to have a lot of birthdays within about a month, we have my brothers birthday at the end of March, my nana's birthday on the 10th of April, my poppy's and aunts on the 18th and mine and my uncles on the 19th!  yea that's a lot of cake!  So we tend to do one big party to include us all and then do little gifts and wishes on each day.  This evens it out and make sure we are not just getting rid of cake about every other week!!

      Happy Birthday to all the April babies out there and Happy birthday to all of my Family!! Loves and best wishes on your day! <3


April 13, 2012

From stress to rest and back to stress!

Well I just got back to school yesterday and lets just say that I really wish I didn't have to come back! I love being home.  I mean before I went home I was having sleeping, eating and countless other problems!  This is also evident by me only having a 5 pound loss in 6 weeks! But besides that, I go home for 4 days and all is cured!  I got to work with my horses, bake, cook, relax, do some burning and some scratching in my garden! And it was wonderful!  Now I'm back down here with all this rain and concrete and feeling as frustrated as ever!  Oh well, only a few more weeks and I'm home for the summer.  Of course now I have the stress of finding a job for the next 4 months but what can you do!

While I was at home though it was strange because I found a new connection to the Goddess and God!! When I'm at school I feel so disconnected from everything but as soon as I go home the connection comes right back!! I personally love it but I need it all the time!! It centres and balances me like nothing else.  I am joining a Wiccan class to try and help me find, well more define, my path in this world. I hope it works!

Also I loved being able to play in my garden!! Nothing beats waking up at 7 in the morning and going to play in your garden and see the new life sprouting up and having the birds the only noise you hear.  It truly is peaceful and a blessing to be able to do that! I am so excited though to get back home and get planting!! It will be wonderful!! If I can remember to water them of course!!  It will mostly just be nice to get back and connect with nature!!

Well I have to get back to my current reality and do some work! So brightest blessings and love in your life and on your path!
                 Tasha <3

April 10, 2012

Happy Easter and birthday

  Alright so I do know that Ostara was back on the 21st of March but still I will put it here too!!

  So easter always seems to be one of those holidays, for me at least, that seems to have no real bearing! I understand that for the Christians out there it holds significance to Jesus or something like that but still! Why is everyone sharing gifts and celebrating?! It seems strange! Anyway, in my family we usually just have a nice family dinner and celebrate my Nanny's birthday!! She is turning 39! *again* and is looking fabulous!! :D   So Happy Birthday to the first of the April babies and Loves! I hope you enjoy your present nana!! <3

April 2, 2012

Alice in Wonderland!

Welcome my followers!  So I have another post on things I love! <3 Life has been good I cant wait to go home!!

So this time we will be discussing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland! Now I'm sorry if you do not like this version, I on the other hand LOVE this version!! And its even better if you do too! :D
So I thought I would share a few of my favourite things I have found online for wonderful wonderland and leave it at that! Please Enjoy!

love the characters and their make-up and costumes!! So amazing!

and who doesn't love Ches! <3

love the setting too!! they put so much work into it!! :O

Now you can't tell me that you don't want to go here and hang out!! I am very much excited to say though that I am having a Wonderland birthday party!! :)  Well I shall blog soon!