"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

May 31, 2013

Things I want!

I know I talk about a lot of things that I want on here but honestly why not! I mean I see so many cool things on other blogs that I want to why not try and create some of that here!! So here is a list of things I just want or cool things on other blogs that I love!

From me:

 A proper camera! a cannon rebel T3-i

A new Ipod

I love it in pink!!

A Pony of course! and a puppy!
American Cocker Spaniel


This house!

 The Chatham House - Plan #:DDWEBDDCS-M7550A4S-0 - By:CornerStone Designs
Chatam House: isn't it pretty

Things from other blogs:

Stamps! I would love to make my own and this woman is amazing!!

get this homesteading thing going!

homesteading self sufficiency 
The Essential Homestead
Using essential oils and herbs instead of medications!

Home Sweet Home

The Herbwife's Kitchen

Methow Valley Herbs

What things do you guys want or want to do?

        Tasha )O(

May 29, 2013

Lined driveways

So as you have seen in my previous post I want want to re direct my driveway and line it with trees! Now my original idea was to line it with all maple trees or cherry blossoms!


I mean come on who wouldn't want to drive up a driveway lined like those!! But then reading about lined driveways it is a bad idea to plant all of one variety because of disease and the fact that all of your trees will die at the same time.  Good point right! So with that idea I have been thinking about what other trees to line my driveway with and how I would plant them in a sequence!

So of course some red maples will make it in there!
 they can live up to 100 years and of course look gorgeous all year long!

  • Latin Name: Acer rubrum
  • Other Common Names: Scarlet maple, soft maple, Drummond red maple, Carolina red maple, swamp maple, trident red maple, water maple
  • Native to: Eastern United States and Canada
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 9
  • Height: 30 - 100' tall
  • Fall Color: Green-yellow, red, burgundy
  • Red maple growing profile
Many parts of the red maple live up to the name.  The red flowers become samaras that may feature red, which compliment the leaves when they often turn red in the fall. The red maple can adapt to many different growing locations.

And some Colorado blue spruce trees! They look so pretty and are amazing as christmas trees!!

  • Latin Name: Picea pungens. Other possible names are Picea parryanaand Picea commutata.
  • Other Common Names: Blue spruce, Colorado spruce, silver spruce, pino real
  • Native to: Western and northeastern United States
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 8
  • Height: 30 - 75' tall
The Colorado blue spruce has blue needles in a range of shades. The 'Glauca' variety is a light blue. It is the state tree for Colorado and Utah.  This spruce does well in droughts, except it does need regular watering in hot areas. Some use this as a Christmas tree.

Maybe even some dogwood trees to show my BC pride!

  • Latin Name: Cornus kousa
  • Other Common Names: Chinese dogwood, Korean dogwood, Japanese dogwood
  • Native to: Eastern Asia
  • USDA Zones: 5-8
  • Height: 15-30' tall
  • Placed in Subgenera: Benthamidia
The Kousa dogwood features an abundant display of flowers and fruit every year. It can be used in areas of drought. The bark features many lenticels. Prune away a few of the lower branches so that the trunk can receive more light, which causes it to change colors and feature spots of yellow and white on the brown bark.

And maybe some pretty cherry trees?

- Takasago: Small, vase-shaped tree with dark pink buds that open to pale pink semi-double flowers, becoming almost white when completely opened.
- Blooms March-April

Here are some pretty crab apple trees:
Here's 2 weeping trees making an arbor! I think it would make an amazing entrance!!
Weeping crabapple trees

and a pretty pink crab apple tree!

This might make it into the driveway line up! I think it would look cute among a maple and fir.

Latin Name: Malus spp. 
Preferred Hardiness Zones: Zones 2-11, depends on variety 
Size: Depends on variety. 
Exposure: Full sun 

Well that's the idea anyways, make a long sweeping driveway lined with amazing trees all year long! and then of course

May 27, 2013

our farm

So as you can I live on a farm here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.  It is gorgeous here most days and we already have a mostly functioning farm.  Years ago we used to raise cattle but then stopped because we weren't able to make money at it.  We have always had horses and chickens but resonantly just got rid of them because of bear problems and money problems!

We do have the ability to do many things but need to make many improvements including:
       - step the land and create terraces
       - create a new drive way hopefully linned with some gorgeous trees!
       - build new homes
       - build new barns and out buildings
       - drill for geothermal
       - buy animals of course!

You know only a few cheap changes!  Plus we are a little land locked and I would like to buy the 2 pieces of land that are between us and the road!  Well I can tell you what I would want to do with it!!
       - plant fruit trees including peach, nectarine, and apple
       - put up at least 3 green houses and use hydroponics to grow green onions or bok choy to sell
       - raise some pigs, chicken or reindeer to slaughter and sell

For my own private home I would like to try raising
       - a small jersey cow
       -  maybe some dairy goats
       - grow 70% of my food
       - be able to make my own soaps and detergents and cleaning products
       - to have bear and sled dogs

Yea I know light weight eh!  Well that's the end goal at least! change everything and try it all!

Does anyone else have any homesteading or house dreams?!
              Tasha )O(

May 24, 2013


I mean who doesn't love boots! well except rain boots!! yuck full rubber!!

Brooks Brothers has some amazing boots!! Including these rain boots!! I know and they are rubber lined with leather!! I mean who wouldn't want these!!  I want a pair super bad!! Too bad they are nearly $200!!

riding boots


knee highs


Durango_RD542_15 Small   Durango_RD4112_15 Small

Anna Sui Butterfly Cowgirl Boots

Moira Ankle Boots | Leather Boots

Now just to have skinny calves and lean legs! well I guess I will have to keep working out!

       Tasha )O(

May 22, 2013

workout through life

So life has been kinda hectic since coming home! my family is all over the place and fighting and using me as their buffer!!  Because that is exactly what I need while I'm working!  But alas work is going well, different but good.  I only wish life would slow down and just relax!or maybe just my family!

Right now all I want to do is garden!! But without money and with the constant rain it makes it hard! But hopefully in a few days it will clear up and I can plant all my lettuce and flowers!! :) as for right no though my brother and I are thinking about starting a workout routine!! Now this should be interesting considering we are both rather plush!!

Okay now I'm no expert and just starting! So first off I lack this magical motivation everyone takes about, but hopefully my brother can kick my butt and keep me motivated! Because it does not exsist in my body! so these are some of the things i am doing or going to try to do this summer!

run! ewww running!!
        My brother really brought this one to the for front! So we are going to try the couch to 5K and see how well it goes! We will hopefully start today when he gets home from work.  

       Now I really hope that me and one of my friends will get into kickboxing this summer but we will have to see how money goes and if our schedules will match up! Always the trick right!! ;)

     well mostly because I need to be able to stretch out and release a bunch of my tension! plus one of my friends is all into yoga and really wants me to join her!

weight training
      okay so my weird brother is into this and has a cute little set of neoprene ones that I have confiscated  I want to try and use them more to be tone! plus I'm sure my little bro is already planning on including this in our running program!

Well that's all for now! Hopefully you are all keeping busy as well!!

                Tasha )O(