"If the sun and moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out.." ~William Blake

November 29, 2013

Dream House ~ Craft room

For anyone who does crafts or has any kind of hobby you will agree when I say you need a place where you passion can explode and then you can close the doors and no one can say anything!!  Because doing projects on the dining room table or on the porch can lead to some arguments! As I do both little paper crafts, sewing, and big wood work power tool crafts I would need both spaces, but for this post we will just focus on the paper, paint, crayon crafts! Now I need lots of table space because I am visual and everything needs to be splayed out! Like a museum!! ;D next I need TONS of storage(I am also a craft supplies hoarder!)

Craft Room traditional home office


craft room shelving ~ so need a room like this!!

Such an amazing craft room!! :O

two years' of post in and i can't stop reading. this woman is the queen of crafty, super cheap, easy, brilliant organization ideas.

paper storage

And although I'm sure some people would love their office in their craft room or not, I'm on the not side!! So here is some home office inspiration!!

gorgeous home office

There's nothing like a good lambskin...

Desk area

office... a his and hers

Well that's all for now!! What would you need in your craft room to make it perfect??

      Tasha )O(

November 22, 2013

Dream House ~ Pantry and storage

Every amazing kitchen needs an equally amazing pantry to hold all the amazing foods that you will be cooking! Plus doesn't it just sound amazing to say oh hang on lets go into the pantry and get some of my tea! Love that idea! Although it would also need an island and some herb drying areas so that I can make my own tea but details!


Need a baking drawer!!

Hidden Pantry - How Clever:)

Vertical silverware drawer... Now this makes so much more sense...

My dream pantry!

storage for cookie sheets, cutting boards, etc.

Organized pantry. You can see everything.

pantry - see through mesh drawers

Bags be gone! These dry storage drawers beautifully organize pantry goods such as bread, garlic and potatoes. #storage #cabinets

my dream pantry.  everything is so organized and in some kind of jar.  there is even a vintage scale.

Via Fran's Tips: How to Go From Cluttered to Calm - on HGTV.

Incredible pantry
Alright so this is the most amazing pantry EVER! and I will need like six of them to make my life perfect!
So as with my kitchen I love a matching white pantry! so beautiful!

What do you want to see in your dream pantry?

      Tasha )O(

November 15, 2013

Dream House ~ Kitchen

Okay so kitchens are the heart and soul of a house and family! Most of my favorite memories are from bonding in the kitchen with my family.  Nothing can bring people together like good food and love! So here are some amazing inspiring photos of kitchen I want to make endless memories in with my family!

Cottage | Kitchens | Judi Ackerman : Designer Portfolio : HGTV - Home & Garden Television

Whiteout Wednesday: 5 White Kitchens with Marble Countertops

Blue Subway Tile Backsplash

a most lovely kitchen

To Die For!

Beautiful kitchen bay window and orchids!

Beautiful Cabinet detail in this white kitchen.

Open shelves, Fridge, Tv.  Hmmm....the perfect kitchen for me!

Black and White Kitchen

Seriously...why is this not the norm?

Very cool idea

love this island

This would look so cool in a pantry!!

This has to be one of my top 5 favourite kitchen layouts!! The only thing I don't like is the red!!

As you can tell I like white everything with a bit of colour and huge windows! I love sunshine and natural light if you cant tell! A large farm house sink and open shelves are always a bonus too!

What do you need in your dream kitchen?!

       Tasha )O(

November 11, 2013

Please Remember

Today I feel the need to post this as today is an important day! Today is Remembrance day!  If you do not know this shame on you! I feel strongly about this day as many of my family members have served in the military and the fact that Canadians have died for my right to sit here and write this blog and live the life I do.  Many of them had parents and wives and children and they gave their lives to protect us and our rights!

Now the idea that I can only wear a poppy for 11 days in November to show people that I remember what Canadian soldiers fought and died for is absurd!  The poppy is a visual cue for all those around me to know that I respect and appreciate the greatest sacrifice that a man or woman can make for their fellow countrymen and families!

I have been scolded and called rude for wearing my poppy after November the 11th and as such do not wear it on my person after then but that does not mean that I don't see or appreciate what those people gave up for us! I think that as a country we should reconsider why we wear the poppy and what it truly stands for!

I know the symbol of the little red poppy over the heart means something different to many countries but we should all be able to appreciate the sacrifice of fellow countrymen for the values they lost their lives for.  Please take a moment today at 11 and remember those who lost their lives to protect you and yours!

Lest we forget.

      Tasha )O(

November 8, 2013

Dream House ~ Living Spaces

Ahh the living room! That place where you cuddle with those you love and relax time and again! Depending on where your living room is located depends on the amount of use it gets! Either way it is always fun to decorate!!

Absolutely perfect

Beautiful Home Decor Ideas

Amazing living room!!

Reading Chair with squishy ottoman!!

pretty white livingroom

Love the fun shaped ottomans with nail head trim, the tall backed chairs with the orange pillows and the funky chandelier!

Traditional Meets Casual

love this living room!

I should probably never own white furniture! But there is something to be said for its simple beauty! Plus it makes changing it for the different seasons a breeze!!

What would you put in your dream living room?

       Tasha )O(