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May 4, 2014


so with my new job starting a the beginning of next week and the idea that I will have large stable pay checks I am getting excited about things to buy!!  I mean its not like I don't have a huge list of things I want but this is one thing in particular I kick myself for not buying every time they go on sale and I have the money!!

I know some people who swear by their cell phones or point and shoots but I have used both and although you can get the odd amazing photo most kinda suck! So that leaves me with a DSLR or higher.  Which are not so cheap! Now I do not have the knowledge or experience to try and tell you which cameras are better and why.  Besides everyone and their cousin has an opinion! but I will show you the ones I ma looking at and some sites for why I chose them.

First is the Canon Rebel T3i

I have been able to "play" with these in stores and they feel alright in hand but are a little small for my big man hands! :P

here is a review from dp review (these guys do some amazing reviews and have great opinions!)

Nikon D800

This is a recommendation from Funky Junk and is her current camera. I have not seen this in stores but it looks quite large and mainly geared for use on a tripod.

Here are some recomendations by techradar as well as some things to look for if you are new to DSLRs

A list of best cameras for basic point and shoots to high end DSLRs

Some awesome tips from Funky Junk!!

and an amazing camera bag I would love to own!
Incase - DSLR Sling Pack

Is anyone else looking for a new camera? What are you looking at?

     Tasha )O(

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